Parish Nursing Mission & Vision


The Parish Nursing Program builds and strengthens the capacity of individuals, families, and congregations to better understand and care for one another in light of their relationship to God, to faith traditions, and to the broader society. All persons are sacred and must be treated with respect and dignity. In response to this belief, Parish Nursing assists and empowers individuals to become more active partners in the management of their personal health resources, and helps to relieve physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.


The Parish Nursing Program at Wallington Presbyterian Church understands health to be a dynamic process which embodies the spiritual, psychological, physical, and social dimensions of the persons regardless of nationality, race or creed, and for this reason offers this service to all people. Spiritual health is central to wellness which influences a person's entire being. Hence, it is possible for healing to occur without a physical cure. It is our hope that this program will help those in need by making their life more manageable through personal care, compassion, loving kindness, and understanding.

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Our 7th Annual Luncheon
will be on
September 29th 2013 at 7:30
at the Civic Center
24 Union Blvd.
in Wallington, NJ.

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Zero Cost Fundraiser!

Going green has never been more beneficial!

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