Board of Directors 2012

  • Rev. Dr. Peter H. Carey, Jr.
  • Marion Spranger, RN, CRNH
    Nurse Facilitator:, Assistant Director
  • Peg Carey
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • John Matthews
  • Marguerite Ball
    Vice President
  • Izabela Bacza
  • Douglas Barber
  • Rev. Joseph Colon
  • Sharon Grieshaber
  • Robert Jennerich
  • Dr. Ira Kurz
  • Ozetta McCann
  • Pamela Mallon
  • Shirley Milutinovish
  • Doris Petrie
  • Susan Waltman

Rev. Dr. Peter Carey Jr.
Currently Hospital Chaplain at the Passaic Hospitals. He is a Pastor of the W.P.C. He brings to the Parish Nursing Project 10 years of Hospice Experience as Spiritual Coordinator, Bereavement and Volunteer Coordinator.

Marion Spranger, RN CRNH
Has been in nursing over 20 years and been involved in hospice over 10 years. Also has experience as visiting nurse and has been certified as a hospice nurse.

Their experience confims the existence of many sick and depressed people in the community who, with some help, can become physically and spiritually revived.

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Our 7th Annual Luncheon
will be on
September 29th 2013 at 7:30
at the Civic Center
24 Union Blvd.
in Wallington, NJ.

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Zero Cost Fundraiser!

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