Parish Nursing Interfaith & Outreach Inc. at The Wallington Presbyterian Church

Parish Nursing
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The concept of Parish Nursing has been in practice since the late 1970's and early 1980's. It was developed by a Lutheran Minister in the Mid-west named Granger Westberg. He felt that is was time for the church to reclaim its role in healthcare and a natural bridge could be a nurse. His concept was to have nurses in the congregation care for the members by providing Blood Pressure Screenings, consultations and health education.

The time line for the development of Parish Nursing also followed the mainstreaming of the internet. Parish Nursing quickly became a global ministry reaching across denominational lines and easily fitting into church and synagogue settings. The program began in Wallington fifteen years ago with a dream and vision to bring care not only to church members but to the community. A concept of holistic care (mind, spirit, & body) was developed and implemented by staff to care for those who were hurting or did not qualify for existing programs. This philosophy is woven into all visits, education, and training.

Touching Lives with God's Healing Love...
The journey continues...

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Our 7th Annual Luncheon
will be on
September 29th 2013 at 7:30
at the Civic Center
24 Union Blvd.
in Wallington, NJ.

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