Frequently asked questions about Parish Nursing

What is the difference between Parish Nursing and other agencies?

Parish Nursing does not charge for its services, nor do we duplicate services other programs provide. We offer health education, advocacy for our people, referral resources, and spiritual guidance and support. We have responded to a growing need to provide people with "transition care" as the need arises for Nursing Home or Assisted Living. Crisis Intervention is always available. If increased levels of care are assessed referrals are made to Visiting Nursing, Hospice, or Rehab. We do home, hospital, nursing home, or rehab visitation.

What areas do you serve?

South Bergen, Passaic and Clifton. We have done crisis intervention outside of these areas when needed, then referred to area agencies for follow-up.

Who is the program funded?

Parish Nursing survives on grants and donations. In 1999 we became a 501C-3 Non-Profit Incorporation and established a Board of Directors. John Matthews is currently our President: Carl Hartmann first served in that position for us and continues to advocate for us in the community. We do have a consultant on staff (Peg Fox) who actively seeks funding sources and does grant writing. Funding sources are very lean right now and many grants want only to provide start-up money.

What kind of care does the program provide?

We practice holistic care. This involves dealing with issues of the mind, spirit, and body. We have found this level of care provides opportunities for growth and healing and we meet people at their point of need. Parish Nursing is "interdisciplinary" which means many people (Director, Nurse, Volunteer Coordinator, and Volunteers) develop and implement the plan of care and their dedication and expertise make it work.

How are referrals made?

Anyone can make a referral. An appointment is set up for an assessment of need. The Director, (Rev. Carey) and Nurse, (Marion) make the initial visit to explain the program. We do not duplicate services and we make referrals to other agencies or resources if needed.

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