Funeral Services and Options

Traditional Funeral Services

A traditional funeral service is when your loved one is present with open or closed casket. Visitations are usually held the day or night before the funeral. The funeral service itself is held the following day in either in our funeral home, church, chapel or special place chosen by the family. After the funeral, there is a procession to the cemetery for a committal service. The graveside service may be followed by a reception (repast or other gathering place selected by the family).

Sometimes a traditional funeral service is followed by a cremation. It does not restrict you from having a visitation, open casket and a funeral service the following day.

Items for you to consider include:

  • Casket
  • Chapel, Church or Graveside services
  • Cemetery plot
  • Honoraria for clergy/pallbearers/organist
  • Vault
  • Visitation
  • Family transportation
  • Copies of the death certificates
  • Clothing
  • Flowers
  • Obituaries

Memorial Services

A Memorial Service is held when the deceased is not present. It may take place at the funeral home, a church or another place chosen by the family. This is a time to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family. This memorial service can also be an addition to a traditional funeral service.

Committal Service

The Committal Service is a brief service at the gravesite after a tradition funeral service but prior to the burial. This is where family and friends say their final good byes at the final resting place by placing flowers or sand on the casket. If the committal service is the only service then it becomes what we call a graveside service and is accompanied by a viewing the night before at the funeral home. The graveside service is a more lengthy service consisting of music, scripture reading, and eulogy.

Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is when there is no funeral ceremony. The deceased is placed in a refrigeration unit until the proper paperwork has been completed like necessary burial permits and death certificates. Then the body is placed in a cremation container or casket chosen by the family members and transported to a crematory. The cremated remains are placed in an urn and ready to be buried, placed in a niche or taken home.

Direct burial

Direct burial does not consist of a funeral service. The person is placed in refrigeration until the proper paperwork is completed. Then the body is bathed, dressed and casketed. The casket is transported to the cemetery for burial.

Overseas Shipping

The human remains can be shipped overseas. It does not restrict you from having a visitation and a funeral service.

Military Funeral Honors for Veterans

Every honorable discharged veteran is entitled for a military honors including the following:

  • Flag folding
  • Playing Taps
  • Presidential Certificate
  • Flag presentation by the veteran's branch service representative at the funeral ceremony to the next of kin

Green Burial

What is a Green Burial?

Green burial is ecofriendly, simple and natural way of disposition. The interment of the bodies is in bio-degradable coffin, casket or shrouds. The grave does not use a concrete vault or outer burial container. Embalming can be performed with eco-friendly chemicals.

Why have a Green Burial?

The green burial is an environmental sound option. The purpose of green funeral is to protect the environment; it is a natural way to reunite with the Earth. The green cemeteries allow the nature to take its course. The families are encouraged to plant trees, wildflowers, shrubs in turn to bring wild life to the area and promote the habitat restoration. A natural burial in a green cemetery is an affordable cremation alternative. The cemeteries usually prohibit manufactured headstones or other typical markers and encourage natural stones or boulders.

Some cemeteries have three sections marked by different shades of green:

- Dark green – bodies are buried in a burial shroud
- Medium green – bodies are buried in biodegradable casket and want some type of memorialization
- Light Green – bodies are embalmed using natural fluids, buried in a natural biodegradable casket and want some type of memorialization.

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