What is a Lady Funeral Director?

A funeral director is a lady unique
Undauntedly serving despite peer critique
A lady transcending traditional mores
Serving persons bereaved with her nurturing ways
She's a lady in blue jeans washing cars, mowing lawn
On call through the night, serving families at dawn
A lady whose energy rises to equal
The trauma of death and of grieving, its sequel
Her tears shed in the private when shedding a sorrow
Give relief from the burden. She serves on the morrow
With integrity, training, sincere dedication
And proudly she carries her lofty profession

The man whom she chooses to wed or to date
Learns quickly that place number two is his fate
The families she serves maintain place number one
Excusing herself to her daughter and son
Excusing herself seems the name of the game
(Female or male, that element is the same)
Excuses at weddings, baptisms, and such
While pride in profession to her means so much

Little return does this lady expect
A handshake, a thank you, but mostly respect
Respect for decisions to serve and survive
Respect for integrity, courage, and drive
Respect from community, family and peers
True funeral professionals, be the lady or man
Stand special, serve special as no one else can
Undertaking, understanding, overworked, underrated
Besides, we as women, often under estimated

by Judith Ann Kurth

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