About Izabela Van Tassel

Why have I chosen funeral service as a career?

Saying a meaningful "goodbye" is the beginning of the healing process. I understand the value of funerals which allows mourners to remember and honor their loved ones in special ways, give emotional and physical support to one another, provide closure for the bereaved and to help mourners to better cope with grief. Any "good bye" is emotional, but imagine not being able to do that. It will always feel like an "open wound" likely to last a lifetime.

I believe that a funeral is one of the most important events in our lives because we don't get second chances. It is a day when we eulogize a deceased's entire life in one day. It is a time when we come together to support one another at the saddest time to offer comfort and support. It is a time when we come to realize that out lives will never be the same. I encourage families not to rush, take their time because it is not about getting over it, but it is about the last moments we dedicate to our loved ones. Taking time to plan a funeral is very important because it does matter how we say our good byes.

On a personal note...

I am mother of two children; Nicole graduated Wallington High School and is a Nursing student at Rutgers, Timothy is in 10th grade at WHS.

I am currently a Wallington Councilwoman and I am on the Board of Directors for Parish Nursing Interfaith Program.

I do my best to provide caring, personalized and professional funerals, memorials, cremations, shipping and contemporary services tailored to families of all faiths, cultures and spiritual needs and to approach the loss of a loved one with the utmost dignity and respect.

For the past decade I have felt the calling to be a Funeral Director but family and business obligations have prevented from pursuing it. I am amazed at how much it takes to provide an excellent service and spiritual funeral. As a Funeral Director I can apply my prior experience to help those in grief. I strongly believe in personalizing funeral services because I believe that each funeral should be a tribute to the deceased and every funeral is individual. Each of us lives different lives and a funeral is the day when we summarize our loved ones entire life in one service. I believe this is my true calling.

Completing Bereavement training provided by the Archdiocese of Newark gave me the additional knowledge of how to help those mourning their loss and how to facilitate grief support groups.

Reading funeral magazines and attending funeral conventions always gives me new insight that I can implement at the funeral home to help families create personalized and spiritual funerals. I find great fulfillment in being a Funeral Director and there are endless possibilities as to how to offer my services and creativity for those in need. Living in the XXI century, we see trends where people do not build relationships with neighbors like they did decades ago and tend to travel to funeral homes even outside of their local community just to feel comfortable. 75% of customers select a funeral home because they know someone working there and they feel comfortable leaving the deceased person "in the right hands." Utilizing my skills and talents, I could not only provide my clients with personalized funeral services, but also assist in any grief related issues. Speaking three languages helps me to communicate with those who struggle with English. Being a Licensed Hairdresser and Cosmetologist also helps me in taking care of the deceased.

I very often conduct funerals in two languages and the families are extremely pleased with my assistance; non Polish speaking attendees do not feel left out and can comfortably participate in the service without feeling uncomfortable. I can honestly say I find passion in being a Funeral Director and this makes a profound difference in my life and the lives of so many others I strive to help.

Greg Bacza*
After-Care Coordinator

About Greg Bacza*

Graduated John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Poland with his Master degree in Theology and Licentiate degree in Biblical Theology.

He is a Member of the Polish American Congress Northern Division and has many years of experience in shipping remains overseas. His education comes in handy when he is asked to conduct funeral services at the funeral home for families who are not associated with any religious organization, but want spiritual touch to help them with their grief.

*unlicensed and not qualified to make funeral arrangements, embalm or conduct funerals

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